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St. John's Ealing

Year 2 - Arrangements for the Transition Visits

We are looking forward to welcoming your child to school on the 16th July for their transition visit


 Whilst we would love to welcome you to your child's new classroom you'll understand that this isn't possible at present so you will need to say goodbye in the playground as they go into the school.  We know that for some children this may be a little difficult so if you can prepare them for this it would help. If your child is upset please trust us to settle them and it is our experience that the children quickly get absorbed into the activities that we have planned and any upset is quickly forgotten.  There is a social story resource 'Visiting Riddings Junior School' at the end of this page that might help prepare your child for the visit or click here for a downloadable version. 

 Please bring your child to School arriving at 9:15am– please do not arrive earlier as we will be bringing in our current Year 3 children and mixing year groups is obviously something we have to avoid. They should come in their usual school uniform.

 Pick up time will be at 3.00pm again allowing us to maintain our staggered start and end of the day for the other year groups.

 You are welcome to bring your child onto the site and wait with them in the designated area for their group – in Year 3 there are 3 groups Eaton, Hilton and Shrewsbury.  We are currently working with the Year 2 staff to organise groups and your child will know which one they are in and who their teacher is before the Transition Day. 

  • Eaton children will gather in the staff car park area.
  • Hilton children on the upper half of lower playground (near the climbing wall).
  • Shrewsbury children will gather on the lower half of lower playground.

 At pick up time 3.00pm you will meet your child in the same place.

 The Year 2’s will remain in their own Bubble for the entirety of the day and they will not mix with children from other year groups.  If your child or a family member they live with is displaying any Coronavirus symptoms then they should not attend and should seek a test.

 Please be aware that the wearing of a face mask for adults is compulsory on our site (unless you are medically exempt, in which case please inform of us this before the day) and we ask you to follow guidance on social distancing.

Dinner - if your child usually has a school dinner at the infants then they will also receive one on the transition days free of charge. If they normally have a packed lunch then please feel free to provide one on the day.

  • On entering school your child will be helped to wash their hands before heading up to their classroom.
  • They do not need to bring anything with them to school other than a water bottle if needed - they do not need to wear uniform.
  • During the session there will be a chance for a break where the children can have an explore of our grounds including the Forest Playground - we will let them scramble on and up the trees (safely of course).  They will also have a quick look around the building and meet some key staff.
  • Mrs Godfrey - our Special Educational Needs Co-Ordinator and myself will be about at drop off and at pick-up time to say hello and briefly answer any questions you may have.
  • At pick-up time please wait in the designated area and we will bring the children to you after hand-washing. Please do not to arrive any more than a few minutes before 3.00pm to avoid congestion.  

I look forward to meeting you on the 16th,

Take care

Mr D. Cates