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St. John's Ealing

Year 5

Richards class - Miss Pilling

Barber class - Miss Bailey  

Unfortunately, due to confirmed Covid-19 cases, Year 5 are currently learning at home. Please see below for their daily learning. As we know families have different routines, time constraints, job expectations, not to mention demands on devices, so we are not setting a strict timetable: we are happy for your child to complete the learning at times that suit you and them.

Home learning

Wednesday 25th November

English Lesson 1: How to Train your Dragon - How to Engage with the context of 'How to Train Your Dragon' narrative

Maths - Recap: Subtract whole numbers with more than 4 digits (worksheet and answers)

Science - Lesson 4: How can mixtures be separated?

Thursday 26th November

EnglishLesson 3: To explore simple and compound sentences

MathsLesson 1: Interpret charts (worksheet and answer)

Science - How can you separate a mixture of sand, salt and water?

Friday 27th November

English - Lesson 4: To identify the features of an opening scene

Maths - Lesson 3: Introducing line graphs (worksheet and answers)

Science How can we separate mixtures into pure substances?

Daily learning

TTRockstars - Complete a studio and soundcheck on TTRockstars and then spend 10-15 minutes improving your times tables. 

Spellings - practise this weeks spellings on Spelling Frame, completing a test and then playing games for 10-30 minutes.

Read either your school reading book or a book from home then quiz once you are finished.

Art - scroll to the bottom of the page to see the homework grid for some art ideas.

Keep safe and take care of yourselves!




Welcome back and welcome to Year 5! 

We have an exciting term ahead for us including learning all about The Ruthless Romans and many exciting things in Maths! 

Please remember to keep reading three times a week and update your brand new home-learning diary. Remember, it can be as colourful and as unique as you like! Please remember to complete your CGP homework books weekly and remember to bring them back into school on Thursday. Keep practising your spellings each week ready for your dictation on a Friday.

Don't forget your PE kit every Wednesday and Thursday and make sure you have the right clothes for outdoor PE - especially over Winter! 


This term we will be learning about The Ruthless Romans and what made them powerful. We will learn all about the Roman Army and what the Romans have done for us. 




Within our Geography unit, we will be exploring The United Kingdom and will be discovering what our country consists of and how we are an island nation. The children will explore the cities, counties, mountains and rivers of the United Kingdom. What an exciting place to live! 

Click the link below to find more homework activities you can complete all linked to our Ruthless Romans learning and our United Kingdom learning. There are a whole range of tasks so choose which ones you find exciting.


Autumn Term Homework Grid