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St. John's Ealing

Year 6

           Townsend CLASS AND Clarke CLASS 

                               Miss Saville (Townsend), Miss Graham (Clarke)

TAs - Mrs Patrick, Mrs Hunt, Miss Smith

Unfortunately, due to confirmed Covid-19 cases, Year 6 are currently learning at home. Please see below for their daily learning. As we know families have different routines, time constraints, job expectations, not to mention demands on devices, so we are not setting a strict timetable: we are happy for your child to complete the learning at times that suit you and them.

If you have any problems accessing any of the learning or would prefer paper-based resources, please contact school and we will sort them for you.


 *Due to high demand, some of Oak National Academy resources may be unavailable at certain times.  If you have difficulties, please complete a different piece of home learning - perhaps from another day and try again later.  Thank you.* 



Monday 30th November 2020


English: The Giant's Necklace Lesson 4 - To analyse a setting.

 It was great to hear that so many of you were enjoying 'The Giant's Necklace' so much that you've added it to your Christmas lists!


Mental Calculations

Mental Calculations Worksheet - Using known facts


Ancient Greece: Lesson 4 - What was Athenian Democracy?


Tuesday 1st December 2020


English: The Giant's Necklace Lesson 5 - To read, comprehend and respond to a climax.

 Our next unit in Maths should be finding out all about fantastic fractions. Miss Graham and Miss Saville are looking forward to teaching you the Y6 knowledge themselves so we would like you to revise your fractions knowledge from previous years first. 

If you don't have any paper handy for the folding task, carefully take the middle pages out of your Orange morning book and use those.

Maths - Lesson 1 - What is a fraction?

History: Ancient Greece Lesson 5 - What did the Greeks believe?

 You're going to love finding out about the Greek Gods who we will meet again in our class reader when we're back at school.


Wednesday 2nd December 2020


We hope you all enjoyed 'The Giant's Necklace'. Now for something a little different ...

English Writing - Sherlock Holmes Lesson 1 - To build knowledge of the historical context of the narrative.


Lesson 2 - Representing fractions

 History - Ancient Greece Lesson 6 - Who were the Ancient Greek philosophers?


 Thursday 3rd December 2020


English Writing Sherlock Holmes Lesson 2 - To investigate homophones.

Maths Lesson 3 - Equivalent fractions

 History Ancient Greece Lesson 7 - Who won the Peloponneisan wars?

  Here you'll find out more about the Athenians but also about the Spartans too.

Friday 4th December 2020


English Writing Sherlock Holmes Lesson 3 - To explore simple and compound sentences.

Remember compound sentences are the ones that use those FANBOYS co-ordinating conjunctions.

 Maths Lesson 4 - Tenths and hundredths

History Ancient Greece Lesson 8 - Why was Alexander so great?



Reading of ZPD books and books of choice.  Please complete a blue sheet activity also after finishing a book.

Accelerated Reading Quizzing

Spelling Frame - complete a quiz and play the games for between 10-30 minutes.

Plus Top Marks Speed Challenge - How fast can you get?

Some of you will have access to Lexia - please click here to open the instruction sheet for accessing Lexia for the first time - once this has been done then you will only need to follow the link or use the app on an ipad or iphone.




Below you can find full details of the curriculum in year 6. Click on the link to find. 

Year 6 whole year curriculum map  (may be subject to change) 

Year 6 Autumn Term Homework Grid