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St. John's Ealing

Year 6

Townsend CLASS AND Clarke CLASS 

Miss Saville (Townsend), Miss Graham (Clarke) and MRS Godfrey

TAs - Mrs Patrick, Mrs Hunt, Mr Gibson, Miss Smith

Unfortunately, due to confirmed Covid-19 cases, Year 6 are currently learning at home. Please see below for their daily learning. As we know families have different routines, time constraints, job expectations, not to mention demands on devices, so we are not setting a strict timetable: we are happy for your child to complete the learning at times that suit you and them.

If you have any problems accessing any of the learning or would prefer paper-based resources, please contact school and we will sort them for you.



Monday 7th December 2020


Writing: Sherlock Holmes Lesson 4 - To generate descriptive vocabulary.

Maths: Lesson 5 Ordering Fractions


Ancient Greece : Lesson 9 - What were the great achievements of the Ancient Greeks?


Tuesday 8th December 2020

 English: Kensuke's Kingdom Quiz - how much can you remember?

 Maths - Lesson 6 - Fractions and Decimals - comparing and converting.

 History: Ancient Greece - Post Assessment A chance to show off what you've learned!


Wednesday 9th December 2020 - all back in school for learning in person together!

 For those children who are still self isolating, we are missing you and thinking of you. When you feel well enough, please continue with the learning below.

Wednesday 9th December 2020

English: Sherlock Holmes Lesson 5 - Vocabulary associated with Cities

Maths: Lesson 7 - Decimal Equivalents of fractions

History: Ancient Greece lesson 10 - Extended Writing task (complete this over two days)

Thursday 10th December 2020

English: Sherlock Holmes Lesson 6 - To develop our knowledge of compound and complex sentences (remember, compound sentences use FANBOYS co-ordinating conjunctions whilst complex sentences use I SAW A WABUB subordinating conjunctions)

Maths: Lesson 8 - Add Fractions

History: Ancient Greece lesson 10 - Extended Writing task (complete this over two days)

Friday 11th December 2020

English: Sherlock Holmes Lesson 7 - Practise and consolidate spelling of homophones

Maths: Lesson 9 - Subtract Fractions

History: Ancient Greek Art - read the information and have a go at designing a vase of your own. If you have a terracotta pot, you could have a go at the ideas in the information. If you don't have a pot, you could draw your vase or make one out of cardboard. Use your knowledge of Ancient Greece so your design is appropriate.

 Reading of ZPD books and books of choice.  Please complete a blue sheet activity also after finishing a book.

Accelerated Reading Quizzing

Spelling Frame - complete a quiz and play the games for between 10-30 minutes.

Plus Top Marks Speed Challenge - How fast can you get?

Some of you will have access to Lexia - please click here to open the instruction sheet for accessing Lexia for the first time - once this has been done then you will only need to follow the link or use the app on an ipad or iphone.




Below you can find full details of the curriculum in year 6. Click on the link to find. 

Year 6 whole year curriculum map  (may be subject to change) 

Year 6 Autumn Term Homework Grid