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St. John's Ealing


Year 6

 Townsend CLASS AND Clarke CLASS 

 Miss Saville (Townsend), Miss Graham (ClarkE), MRS Godfrey

TAs - Mrs Patrick, Mrs Hunt, Miss Smith, Mrs Pedley,  Mr Gibson



Well, we've reached our final week of home learning so let's make it a great one.
We can't wait to have all of you back next week! Focus this week on getting everything completed and up to date ready to start back. 
Get yourselves ready for next week with...


 Due to high demand nationally, some of the online resources may be unavailable at certain times.  If you have difficulties, please complete a different piece of home learning - perhaps from another day and try again later.  Thank you. 

We are also able to offer paper resources/printed packs for those of you whose children prefer to learn 'offline' 


Monday 1st March 2021

Google Classroom Meets -8:40, 9:20 and 10:00


Percentages of amounts (2)

Worksheet to complete

Worksheet Answers - No peeping!

English - Lesson 1: Number the Stars

 Science - Light - Watch the video below and have a go at the experiments it shows yourself. Link what you see to your Science learning from last week. There are a few more activities below the video to try too.

Reflecting light

Making a periscope

Exploring refraction

Newton's Colour Wheel


Don't forget to complete your AR ReadingTTrockstars and Spelling Frame tasks too!

 Tuesday 2nd March 2021

 Google Classroom Meets - 9:30

Percentages - Missing Value

Worksheet to complete

Worksheet answers - No peeping!

English -  Lesson 2 - Number the Stars

Chapter 1 - Why are you running 

Don't forget to complete your AR Reading, TTrockstars and Spelling Frame tasks too!

 Peter Pan Science - Light Investigations

Or Google, click on "Enter a Student Code" and enter the following code 99082


Wednesday 3rd March 2021

Google Classroom Meets 9:30 and 2:30 today

Maths Percentages Post Assessment - please have a go independently using the link here or on the document on Google Classrooms.

English - Lesson 3: Number the Stars

Spellings - a list you've had before but which we need to relearn ready for our Evolution and Inheritance Unit of Learning: have we always looked like this?

PE day! Please follow this link to the PE at Home page of the school website. Here you will find a series of videos and activities that will give your eyes a rest from the computer screen and get you up off the sofa : )

Don't forget to complete your AR Reading, TTrockstars and Spelling Frame tasks too!


Thursday 4th March 2021

Google Classrooms Meet - 9:30

World Book Day - click on the link below for ideas and activities linked to books and reading. Complete as many as you can today and tomorrow.

There are more World Book Day ideas here. Don't forget to share pictures of anything you do to celebrate books and reading!

You might also want to check out the World Book Day Digital Library here where you can follow links to authors reading extracts of their own books.

Maths - A Catching Up and Finishing Off Day.

Make sure you have completed all of the Maths learning we have set for Fractions, Decimals and Percentages. We will look at these areas again during the summer term. Check you have also completed and marked up to Spring Weekly Workout 6 in your Homework book too, please.

Drumming with Gareth

 Don't forget to complete your AR Reading, TTrockstars and Spelling Frame tasks too!


Friday 5th March 2021

Our last Google Meet - 8:40 only today so we get ready for our start time next week.

Maths - Flashback 4s - a few to complete to keep your skills sharp ready for next week.

Flashback 4 - Answers

English - Lesson 4 Number the Stars

Chapter 2 - Who is this man who rides past?

Make sure you are up to date and have completed all the learning set so far for City of Silence and to the end of chapter 2 for Number the Stars - no peeping ahead though! You also need to have completed up to (and including) Spring Weekly Workout 6 in your Homework book too.

Don't forget to bring these back on Monday.

Cookery/DT - Cheese straws - a party, picnic or snack favourite!


It’s the Friday 5

Question 1

What is 25% of 40?

Question 2

 40% of children in a school are boys.

There are 188 boys in total.

a)  How many children are there altogether?

b)  How many girls are there?

Question 3

70% of 500

Question 4

 80% of ______ = 32

Question 5

20% 0f ______ = 30





Reading of ZPD books and books of choice.  Please complete BLUE SHEET ACTIVITIES regularly and always complete one after finishing a book.

Accelerated Reading Quizzing

TTRockstars - sound check, studio and whatever else you want to do for between 10 - 30 minutes.

Spelling Frame - complete a quiz and play the games for between 10-30 minutes.

Plus Top Marks Speed Challenge - How fast can you get?

Some of you will have access to Lexia - please click here to open the instruction sheet for accessing Lexia for the first time - once this has been done then you will only need to follow the link or use the app on an ipad or iphone.

GET PHYSICAL! - A selection of activities to get you (and your family) up and moving : )




Below you can find full details of the curriculum in year 6. Click on the link to find. 

Year 6 whole year curriculum map  (may WILL be subject to change!)