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St. John's Ealing


Year 6

 Townsend CLASS AND Clarke CLASS 

 Miss Saville (Townsend), Miss Graham (ClarkE), MRS Godfrey

TAs - Mrs Patrick, Mrs Hunt, Miss Smith, Mrs Pedley,  Mr Gibson


Hello and welcome to Week 6 of Home Learning!

It is lovely spending time with you all at our Google Classroom Meets and seeing the learning you are completing at home BUT it's not the same as us all being together. We hope to be back together again soon so stay safe and take care until then.

Our unit of learning this week is all about staying safe to tie in with Internet Safety Week. Don't forget, being safe isn't just about knowing what to do, it's about actually changing our behaviours and making the right choices. 

It's also snowing (in case you haven't noticed!) so don't forget to spend some time outside and enjoy the weather - send us pictures of snow people, snow angels and just of you enjoying the snow!



 Due to high demand nationally, some of the online resources may be unavailable at certain times.  If you have difficulties, please complete a different piece of home learning - perhaps from another day and try again later.  Thank you. 

We are also able to offer paper resources/printed packs for those of you whose children prefer to learn 'offline' 


Google Classroom Login Guide


Monday 8th February 2021


Division to solve problems

Worksheet to complete

Worksheet Answers - No peeping!

English - Film Study using Flat Life by Jonas Geir-Naert

Lesson 1 - Watch (and enjoy!) the video below before looking at today's comprehension here. The same activity is also on Google Classroom if you'd like to complete it there.

 Keeping Safe - Lesson 1: Hazards in the Home - look at your surroundings with fresh eyes to see if you can spot hazards and reduce the risk of accidents.

Don't forget to complete your AR ReadingTTrockstars and Spelling Frame tasks too!

 Tuesday 9th February 2021


Decimals as fractions

Worksheet to complete

Worksheet Answers - No peeping!

 English - Lesson 2 here -Watch Flat Life again before thinking about the four characters in the animation and writing a description of one of them.

Keeping safe - Lesson 2: Internet Safety Day - Watch the Assembly here before looking at ways of keeping ourselves safe whilst online here. The Safer Internet Day Vimeo link is here.

Don't forget to complete your AR Reading, TTrockstars and Spelling Frame tasks too!

Today is National Pizza day so this week's Cookery Challenge is Pizza in a Pan. It does need 'proving' (leaving to rise) twice for between 2-4 hours each time so is one to make in advance!

Wednesday 10th February 2021


Fractions to decimals (1)

Worksheet to complete

Worksheet Answers - No peeping!

English - Experiment and explore complex sentences linked to Flat Life.

As today's English is a shorter lesson (although you can always watch Flat Life again just for fun!), please complete your Weekly Workout for Spring 1 and 2. If you've already done them though, enjoy a little more time to read.

Spelling list - Rule 42 More ible/able/ibly/ably words 

PE day! Please follow this link to the PE at Home page of the school website. Here you will find a series of videos and activities that will give your eyes a rest from the computer screen and get you up off the sofa : )

Keeping Safe - Lesson 3: King of The Road - At the moment, we may not be out and about as much as usual but road safety becomes even more important as you get older and tackle longer journeys more regularly on your own. 

Don't forget to complete your AR Reading, TTrockstars and Spelling Frame tasks too!


Thursday 11th February 2021


Fractions to Decimals (2)

Worksheet to complete

Worksheet Answers - no peeping!

English - today, we'd like you to choose one character and write a story or diary from that character's point of view. Write in the first person (I, me, my, we, us, our etc), use an informal chatty style and think about what your character would know. Don't forget you can always watch the video as you write, pausing regularly to write the the next paragraph!

Drumming with Gareth

Keeping Safe - Lesson 4 - Fireproof - today's learning thinks about how we can protect our homes and ourselves from the danger of fire.

 Don't forget to complete your AR Reading, TTrockstars and Spelling Frame tasks too!


Friday 12th February 2021



Decimals Post assessment. No answers provided as we'd like you to send this into school so we can see how well you've done and what we may need to work on when we're back together.

You can either complete this in your book, on the worksheet or by typing the answers on a device. Please send to with your teacher's name on it.

OR ... you could have a go straight onto the document on Google Classrooms!

 The Friday 5 is a quick check of the week's learning - you can complete it in your book, on a whiteboard or as a multi-choice quiz on Google Classroom

It's the Friday 5
Question 1 0.54 = ?/100 = ?/50
Question 2 0.4 = ?/10 = 2/?
Question 3 Convert 6/10 to the decimal equivalent.
Question 4 Give 5 fractions that are equivalent to 0.5.
Question 5 What is the decimal equivalent to 7/8?
English - Whole School Writing Challenge - The Journey

Please make sure you read the feedback here so you know what our medals and NS are from last week's writing before you begin. You can complete the task straight on Google Classrooms if you'd prefer.

 Keeping Safe - Lesson 5: Rules rule - an opportunity to think about how rules and laws keep us all safe and to develop a personal set of rules for ourselves.

Don't forget to complete your AR Reading, TTrockstars and Spelling Frame tasks too!


Reading of ZPD books and books of choice.  Please complete BLUE SHEET ACTIVITIES regularly and always complete one after finishing a book.

Accelerated Reading Quizzing

TTRockstars - sound check, studio and whatever else you want to do for between 10 - 30 minutes.

Spelling Frame - complete a quiz and play the games for between 10-30 minutes.

Plus Top Marks Speed Challenge - How fast can you get?

Some of you will have access to Lexia - please click here to open the instruction sheet for accessing Lexia for the first time - once this has been done then you will only need to follow the link or use the app on an ipad or iphone.

GET PHYSICAL! - A selection of activities to get you (and your family) up and moving : )




Below you can find full details of the curriculum in year 6. Click on the link to find. 

Year 6 whole year curriculum map  (may WILL be subject to change!)