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Government Advice on increasing school capacity

As you will be aware from my letter on 11th May and the Government's announcement on Sunday 10th it is their intention that schools should be in a position to welcome Year 6 children back to school from June 1st.  

The following links will take you to the Government Guidance on what we, as a school, need to consider and put in place before this can happen.  No doubt after reading them you will understand that the level of decision making and planning that we need to undertake in order to safely expand numbers is significant - you will also be aware that there are a number of contradictory statements which we need clarification on.

What is clear is that social distancing measures that are applied across other sectors of society are not being insisted upon in schools - this of course presents us with a dilemma as to how to manage risks in schools, not just for children but also for the staff who work with them and for parents at drop off and pick up times. 

As we have already today, we will be spending considerable time and effort to see how we can best address the guidance in a safe and practical way in order that we are able to welcome back Year 6 (along with the Key Worker children and other identified groups) on June 1st.  Please remember that although we look forward to seeing all the children,  you as a parent / carer must ultimately make the decision about sending your child to school, based upon the plans we will share with you.  The guidance clearly states that non-attendance of your child will not result in any action either from school or the Local Authority and will not be used as a judgement of school.

Government's Rebuilding Strategy 

Preparing for Wider School Opening on June 1st

Implementing Protective Measures in Schools

Parent / Carer guide to Wider School  Opening

If you would like a paper copy of any of the documents please request this from the office. 

As soon as our plans, and further Government advice become more refined we will post it under this tab so that you are fully informed and able to share your views and suggestions.