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May 'Half Term'

Previous posts, links and ideas are still available within this tab.


 As the week beginning the 25th is officially the May holiday for schools - although all staff will be working to set up for the wider opening of school to Y6 and ever-increasing numbers of Key Worker children - we have decided not to set the full range of learning from home activities for this week.

Links are still available to the right and on the Maths Learning At Home page for those of you who want to continue with your established routines though and you should by now have your CGP Maths and Reading Comprehension books.

It seems unlikely that we will be able to open school to all children in the near future whilst social distancing measures continue to apply so we will be continuing with our home learning provision throughout the final summer term. However,  new learning links will be posted each week on Wednesday afternoons rather than Monday mornings as most of us will be back in (very different looking) classes. We are also looking at buying another set of paper based resources as these have proved popular with many of you.

Please ensure you have read the Y6 and Y3-5 letters posted in Letters and News by Mr Cates and read the information under Wider School Opening as these will answer most questions about what may happen.

Thank you for your support so far and I hope you have found ours to you helpful.  Remember, we're here (it feels like we're always here at the moment!) if you need us. 

Please continue with regular reading, maths (White Rose Hub have slightly changed their access arrangements so please see the new Maths at home page) and writing activities (Pobble) using the links to the right. You should also now have your CGP books too.