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Week beginning 4th May

Previous posts, links and ideas are still available within this tab.


Welcome to another week of home-learning - you're all doing a brilliant job.

Thank you to those of you who have already collected CGP books or exchanged reading books for your care in maintaining social distancing and keeping everyone safe. This has been much appreciated.

CGP books can still be collected from school.

If you wish to change reading books, please give us notice by phoning or messaging on Twitter as we have limited staffing capacity in school.

Remember this was to be a 4 day week with Friday as a special Bank Holiday to commemorate the 75th anniversary of VE (Victory in Europe) Day. There will be lots of TV programmes about it on Friday so it should be interesting to find out about this moment in history whilst we live through another! 

As a family, you might want to watch this BBC Bitesize news reel film  as an introduction or use this resource from the Royal British Legion.

Please continue with regular reading, maths (White Rose Hub) and writing activities (Pobble) using the links to the right.

The links to the weekly Learning Projects are below. They are now in a slightly different format as some families requested a more structured approach; you continue to do what works best for your family set-up though.

If your child (or you!) fancies something different, there are links at the bottom of the page to computing, drawing or cookery.

The links below will take you to the new Robin Hood MAT family learning projects although previous ones remain available. This week's learning links to SPORT.

 EYFS            Y1/2          Y3/4       Y5/6


Feedback from teachers, the children in school and a number of you at home continues to be generally positive about both BBC Bitesize Daily lessons and the Oak National Academy online resources. 

 BBC Bitesize daily lessons

Oak National Online Academy

 The former seems to work better as a resource to dip into whilst the second offers a more structured 'timetabled' approach with daily English and Maths (which could be used to supplement White Rose Maths) and weekly History (called Humanities on the website), Art, Music and Spanish lessons. 

Having looked in some detail at the Oak National Online resources, our suggestion would be that you don't be overly influenced by the year groups and instead choose an area that interests your child or you as a family. For example, there's a great topic on the Shang Dynasty (something we don't cover in school) that's aimed at Y2 but would be of interest to many children.

Brief details are given below to make navigating the Oak site easier.

Year 2:

Reading Comprehension using The Firework Maker's Daughter

Science - 1) Light and 2) Space                    Humanities - Shang Dynasty

Year 3:

Instruction Writing

Science - 1) Plants and 2)Sound                    Humanities - Norman Conquest (which we cover in Y4 so would give some background knowledge)

Year 4:


Science - 1) Optics, mirrors and light and 2)Adaptations                    Humanities - Henry VIII

Year 5:

Writing descriptions of settings

Science - 1) Rock cycle and 2) Electricity                    Humanities - Middle Ages 

Year 6:


Science - 1) Fossils and animals overtime and 2) Physical and chemical changes                     Humanities - WW1

For some of our Y6s, they may find the Y7 English unit on Greek Myths interesting or the introduction to Latin : )



If you'd like to try some different Learning at Home this link has some great Scratch ideas that will enable you to refresh your skills and learn some new programming techniques.



Try Drawing with Rob Biddulph - lots of easy step-by-step guides.



Try some recipes from Kidadl - maybe you'll discover a new family favourite!