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St. John's Ealing

Year 6 - 18th June

Dear Parents / Carers

Preparing for June 18th

 Key Actions to enable your child to attend school as safely as possible from June 18th 

  1. Your child should arrive at school at 9.05am – not before please.
  2. School will finish at 3.35pm for your child.
  3. School will be open for full days on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Wednesday will be a half day (finishing at 12.30pm).  This enables classrooms to be deep cleaned and for staff to plan learning for the following week, maintain contact with their own classes and plan home learning.
  4. To keep children and adults as safe as we can, we will use 1 classroom for the your child's group - there will be 8 children in the group with a teacher and, on occasions, a Teaching Assistant.
  5. Social distancing guidance is operating before, during and after school, the children will be 2m apart.
  6. Your child will not have their usual Year 6 teacher. They will of course be taught by a teacher who knows them.
  7. Staying within the group of 8 children and 2 adults is one component of Government guidelines. Staying in the same group minimises contact with other children and adults.  The groups will enter school, learn, socialise and leave school together. This only makes us safer if you and your household, as well as us and our households, continue to follow the guidelines on social distancing and contact with others in wider society.
  8. School continues to accommodate other Year 6 children, the children of Key Workers and other identified children as it has been doing since March 23rd.


 Travel to school

Please be acutely aware that ourselves and Riddings Infant school are open to more children.  This adds considerably to the number of people on the streets at drop off and pick up times.  

  1. Your child’s school day starts at 9.05am – please ensure that they arrive at this time – not before – to enable us to manage entry to school and handwashing as safely as possible.
  2. You are strongly urged NOT to bring children to school by car. Congestion, as we know, is a major issue given the closeness of ourselves and the infant school. More cars on the road means the children will have to crowd on to narrow pavements and cycling/scooting becomes less safe.
  3. If you absolutely have to bring a car, park a good distance away from our school and the infants and then walk.
  4. Children are able to scoot or cycle to school and store them as usual.
  5. If Parents/carers decide to accompany their child to school for drop/pick up they MUST apply social distancing.
  6. We ask that parents/carers do not enter the school site (without having pre-arranged it with the office and with suitable notice) and do not congregate outside the school gates.
  7. At the end of the day – 3.35pm - if you meet your child arrange to meet them at a predetermined point away from the school gate to avoid congregating around the school gates.
  8. If you intend to allow your child to walk home unattended you must inform us of this in writing or by text and ensure they understand the need to walk home independently, applying 2m social distancing.


 School Organisation

  1. The start and finish times of the day are staggered so that everyone can safely enter and leave the building.
  2. Everyone washes hands thoroughly on arrival and throughout the day – hand sanitiser is available in classrooms
  3. Cleaning of classrooms and equipment is ‘regular’ and ‘often’ – including a deeper clean on Wednesday afternoon. We limit what children use and touch. Each child’s equipment and resources will be stored away from others. 
  4. Children’s learning will be re-started from the point that school stopped for many in March with opportunities for revisiting earlier learning.
  5. Break and lunch times are staggered to limit contact – the children will be restricted to different areas of the school grounds.
  6. School meals are available as usual (a menu is posted on the website weekly). Hot meals can be ordered on the day. Children can bring in sandwiches of course.  Children in receipt of free school meals will have a hot meal or pack up provided if required.
  7. Meals will be eaten in the group rooms to minimise contact between groups.
  8. Children will use specific toilets and sink areas.

Uniform and Equipment

  1. Children will not need to wear school uniform (or undye lockdown hair J) but the expectation is that they wear clean, fresh clothes daily.
  2. Mobile phones – if a child absolutely has to bring a mobile to school this must be turned off on arrival, stored in their bag and not touched during the day. Mis-use of phones in any way will result in their confiscation and they will only be returned to parents/carers.
  3. Coats and bags will be kept with the children in their classroom.
  4. Pens/pencils etc will be provided however if your child wishes to have their own pencil case, this will need to stay in school.
  5. Please send your child with a toilet roll! This is for the blowing of noses and for coughing and sneezing into, it will sit on their desk (and act as a pen holder too!).

Support for children and families

I appreciate that this may well be a slightly nervous time for the children and for you however please bear in mind that other children have been in school since March and other Year 6 children for two weeks.  There have been lots of smiles in between learning! It has been a relief to have them back for us.   

It would appear that the local secondary schools have taken the decision to not undertake any Year 6-7 transition work which is unfortunate.  Please contact your child’s secondary school with any questions related to next year.


We are all very much looking forward to seeing your child on Thursday.


Mr D. Cates