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St. John's Ealing

Year 6 Looking Ahead to June 4th


Monday 1st june

By now you should have received a text message to inform you that school will be opening to the Year 6s whose parents had confirmed on Thursday 21st May that they would like their child to return to school.

We can now confirm that the return date will be Thursday 4th June (this Thursday)

The groups are those shared by text with you on 28th May.  All the information you need for the timings and arrangements are available on this website by clicking on this link (there are NO changes to this information which was previously shared with you). 



 Sunday 24th May

 Following the Government briefing earlier this evening and some clarifications received from the County Council  the outlook on wider school re-opening for Year 6 has, once again, changed. 

The Government's belief is that they will be in a position to move to phase 2 of the Coronavirus response in the formal review on Thursday 28th May which would include the phased re-opening of primary schools in June.  It is important to note however that this does not mean that the Government has met its 5 tests as yet.

As a school we have continued to prepare for welcoming Year 6 back, along with the children of Key Workers - staff have been working through the half term 'holiday' organising rooms and resources in line with our plans to make any return as safe as possible.  Classrooms are equipped to have small groups of 8 children, and we have been confirming how to manage staggered breaks, arranging lunchtimes with the catering staff and finalising pick up and drop off routines plus numerous other tasks. Key worker and other identified children will return on 121st June. A starting date for Y6 will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Following the formal review school leaders and Governors will consider any announcements and potential next steps - we will, of course, keep you informed of any decision as soon as we are able.

Further guidance for you and your child is available by clicking this link.  You should receive a text from us to indicate which group your child will be in and therefore what their day will look like in terms of timings.

The original guidance for a return to school has been edited taking account of the changes we have put in place.  Please click here to access this.