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St. John's Ealing




 Welcome to Year 3!  



Shrewsbury Class - Miss Jarrett

Eaton Class - Miss Punter

Hilton Class - Miss Jones


Teaching Assistants - Miss Dakin, Mrs Walker, Miss Smith, Miss Vardy, Mrs Pedley and Miss Robinson


Arrangements for 2021-22

  • 8.40am onwards - once Year 4 have moved to their classroom, Year 3 children can begin to come onto site through the main school gates. They should wait in the area by the car park.
  • 8.50am Class teachers will meet the children and take them via the lower playground to wash hands and to classrooms.
  • 9.00am Register will be taken and learning starting immediately upon entering the classroom.
  • 3.30pm Year 3 finish school leaving by the same route as they entered after handwashing.
  • Parents are welcome to come onto the site to meet their child after Year 4 have left the site.





Spring Term!



We want to thank children and parents for a fantastic Autumn Term. Children settled in extremely well and are now well established with the routines at Riddings Junior School. We have been amazed by how well the children have settled in and how much PRIDE has been shown already - keep it up!

We have lots to look forward to this term so please regularly check the school website for any updates.






This term, we will be geographers, where we will explore what volcanoes are, where they are found and the impact that they can have on planet Earth. We will uncover key facts about volcanoes and learn about the ages of the oldest volcanoes, whilst exploring horrifying historical volcanic eruptions! 






In our Spring unit this term, we will be learning about the importance of plants. We will explore the different functions of a plant and we will practically learn about how best to care for plants to ensure they grow healthily. 



Light and Dark



 Later on this term, we will be learning all about light and dark. We will become confident in explaining light sources and understanding how we see light, whilst understanding that darkness is the absence of light. Have you ever wondered what life on Earth would be like without light? We will explore this key question during this unit!




Addition and Subtraction

 Some of you this term will be consolidating your previous learning about addition and subtraction and will move your learning forward to answering more complex problems. Key number bond facts and quick adding skills will be a key focus this term, so get practising these skills at home!


See below a list of vocabulary that your child will be exposed to:

add, subtract, operation, inverse operation, calculation, estimate


Multiplication and Division



Some of you will be moving onto Multiplication and Division this term. Times table knowledge is very important for this unit, so please ensure that you are practising your 2s, 5s, 10s every single day. The quicker your recall, the better! If you feel very confident with those times tables, practise your 3s, 4s, 6s and 8s - set yourself a challenge!


See below a list of vocabulary that your child will be exposed to:

equal, unequal, multiple, odd, even, divide, multiply, array




The Creakers



You are in for an amazing term with your new class reader of... THE CREAKERS!

This superb story is brilliantly written by Tom Fletcher, where he narrates the journey of a young girl named Lucy Dungston, where she discovers what truly lives UNDER HER BED!

What first might seem a creepy, scary, chilling story, quickly unfolds to be an excellent adventure of Lucy, Norman and the whole of Whiffington Town.

Be prepared to be blown away, Year 3, as this is an all time favourite of previous Year 3 children!



At Riddings Junior School, to become 'good readers', we use 8 Inferential Reading Strategies (IRS) to explore new texts. Please see below our school's 8 IRS and feel free to use them when listening to your child read at home!



Wider Curriculum:


All classes will be partaking in Drumming this year. Hilton and Shrewsbury will continue with their drumming for the first two weeks of January. After those two weeks, they will have finish their drumming learning and Eaton class will begin their drumming in the Summer Term. If your child has PE on 



Kit to remember:




Home Learning:





In Year 3, we have already started to develop our core math skills by using Numbots and TT Rock Stars. Please access these apps daily for short bursts of learning as these skills are fundamental.


Your child should be reading at least 3 times a week at home to support their fluency and comprehension. When they are ready, please encourage your child to quiz on their book in school on Accelerated Reader. We would like them to quiz weekly if possible, however we understand that they may begin to choose increasingly bigger and more complicated books. If this is the case, please let your class teacher know so they are aware of this.

 Homework Books

Please continue to support your child with their homework books weekly. We alternately set either Maths or English workouts for the week and ask for these to be brought back into school no later than Thursday, ready to be marked on a Friday morning.





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