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Year 6

Autumn Term

Welcome back to some kind of normality!

Welcome to Y6.

The adults working with you mostly will be Miss Saville, Miss Graham, Mrs Godfrey, Mrs Patrick and Mr Gibson.

We may be washing our hands a lot more regularly than this time last year, making sure we apply good personal hygiene measures and staying within year group bubbles but it's lovely to be back together and learning.

We have a busy and exciting term ahead with lots of new learning and challenges plus opportunities to consolidate what we learned before and during Lockdown.

Reading is crucial and we need all of our children to be reading daily at school and at home. In class, we will share fiction, non-fiction and poetry for pleasure and to further our knowledge. We will read aloud most days so we can hear the rhythm of language and become more fluent.

Children should read their ZPD book at least 3 times a week for at least 20 mins each time to build up their reading stamina. We also encourage them to read other materials that interest or challenge them. 'Blue sheet' reading activities should be completed 3 times each week too in our purple home-school learning books.

In Maths, we will focus on consolidating and embedding key skills and concepts. Fluency, problem solving and reasoning underpin all maths learning: getting the right answer is great but knowing how and why that is the answer is equally important. We will continue to use TT Rockstars as this has proved effective in keeping tables knowledge sharp.

We will 'block' our Units of Learning again this year as we'd begun to do last year. This was helpful in allowing the children to really get to grips with a subject and become experts - it will also make it easier for us to support any of our families who may need to self-isolate with home learning. Much of our English is taught through our Units of Learning with subject knowledge being used as the basis for our English reading and writing. This is really effective as it means everyone has something to write about!

To begin with, we will be looking at Rivers before moving on to Journeys Around the Human Body. Later in the term, we will find out What the Greeks Did For Us and all about Electricity.

Spelling, punctuation and grammar will be taught as part of our units of learning and in separate sessions too. This allows us to focus more specifically on areas that are challenging and then put our learning into action. Regular use of Spelling Frame is encouraged as it has a massive impact on retention of new spellings.

In PE, we will concentrate on increasing our fitness levels as some of us have not been able to get out and about much in the last few months. Our PE days are Tuesdays and Wednesdays but kits should stay in school in case we have extra opportunities on other days.

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Below you can find full details of the curriculum in year 6. Click on the link to find. 

Year 6 whole year curriculum map  (may be subject to change) 

Year 6 Autumn Term Homework Grid